Convention 2015, Traveling Around the State

Happy Holidays!

To the members, Supervisors, and supporters of The Organization of Triangles,

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of winter break and the Triangle holiday parties! So far in my term, I have not had the chance to promote our organization at any large functions since the holiday season is such a hectic time. However, I am looking forward to my first opportunity to represent our organization at the Royal Arch Banquet on March 6th.

The Organization of Triangles celebrated another year of sisterhood at the Onondaga- Oswego, and Capital districts Convention on October 12th. Ally Callaghan completed a wonderful year as State Representative and passed the crown over to me. The new Chairperson of the Junior council, Miss Alison Wright, our new Deputy State Director, Mrs. Turri, and our new State Treasurer, Mrs. Ferretti,were announced and installed as well.

Shortly after the District Convention, I traveled to Lockport Triangle for their Installation of Officers on November 1st. Beloved Queen Haley finished a successful year as Beloved Queen and handed the crown to Past Beloved Queen Sam for another term.

A week later, I attended Bal-On-Sen Triangle’s Installation of Officers on November 8th. This was especially important to me because Bal-On-Sen is my home Triangle. Newly installed Beloved Queen Halle made an eloquent speech and blew the crowd away. I am really looking forward to the future leaders of this organization.

I also attended the Installation of the Beloved Queen of Fides Triangle on December 6th . Ashlee, the winner of the State Director’s Award in October, was installed as Beloved Queen of her Triangle. Triangle girls from three different Triangles helped Fides install Ashlee. There were three generations of Triangle girls from Ashlee’s family present. It is wonderful to see the way Triangle has influenced many generations.

The next day, I attended the initiation held at Onistagrawa Triangle. They brought in a new member and then had a gift exchange and cookie exchange. The Triangle girls also made ornaments for the residents at the Masonic Care Community for the holidays. It is always nice to see our Triangle girls being compassionate for others in the holiday season.

Fidelity Triangle also had an initiation of their new member on December 13th. Yet again girls from other Triangles came to help and grow our smaller Triangles.

Since a year is coming to a close and a new year is about to begin, I am creating my New Year’s Resolution. This year my resolution is to be more compassionate and understanding to my friends and family. I also tend to be a bit of a procrastinator with school work and I am going to start doing my work long before it is due. My resolution for Triangle this year is to not only show other organizations how wonderful Triangle is, but also to show my support in every community where Triangles lives. I hope that by showing my support to each Triangle we can keep moving into the future.

If any Triangle girl is interested in having my job next year please apply to be the State Representative by January 30th. You must be a current or past Junior Advisor to apply. The application is under events-Convention 2015.

Have a Happy Holiday season and a great start to the new year.
In Triangle Love,

Annie Parks

State Representative 2014- 2015

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