Spring into Summer

To the members and supporters of The Organization of Triangles Inc,

Spring time was full of many new leaders stepping up to help Triangles around the State! The 2015-2017 Junior Advisory council was announced, a list of members is located on our home page. Many Triangles across the state installed new officers in the months of March and April. With all this new leadership I know we will be springing into a fun filled summer. Over the spring time I was able to attend quite a few events and Represent our Organization to many adult and other young leaders.

On April 25th I attended The International Order of Rainbow for Girls (http://nyiorg.org/)  75th grand Assembly for their Installation of the New Grand Worthy Advisor Danielle. She spread her message of acceptance with her mascot Mr. Penguin and her theme “Find your heart song.” It is so nice to meet other young ladies who are part of such great Masonic youth Organizations.

A week later I attended the Dignitaries dinner at Grand Lodge (http://nymasons.org/) . I spread my message of Communication with the youth Organizations, through the importance of youth as their future leaders. I also continued to sell my pens for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

A couple of weeks later on May 16th I attended the Amaranth Grand Court (http://www.amaranthny.org/index.html) ceremonies. It was an enjoyable evening as the Grand Royal Matron and Patron retired and a new Grand Royal Matron and Patron took the throne. It is wonderful to learn about the Masonic Organizations that Triangle girls can be a part of when they are old enough.

On May 23rd I attended the rededication of the Knights Templar building at the Masonic Care Community in Utica (http://www.masonichomeny.org/). The Rainbow and Triangle were tasked with presenting the hundred year old Trowel for the ceremony. It was a privilege to be trusted with such a monumental piece of history.

For many of you Triangle girls Finals are almost over and it is slowly getting warmer. The time to relax outside in the sun or indoors on Netflix is quickly approaching. With the summer fun also comes a break from Triangle meetings for many of us. It also leaves the heart missing your Triangle sisters, which can be pretty unbearable. I encourage everyone to plan a summer sister date with one of your Triangle sisters that you may not know very well or is new in your triangle. Spread the triangle love with a splash of summer fun! Hope you have a blast!

In Triangle Love,
Annie Parks
State Representative

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