State Representative

Meet our 2019-2020 State Representative!

Happy 2020! I’m looking forward to a year full of TRIANGLE: where we’re helping our communities, spending time with our loved ones, rededicating ourselves to this amazing organization, and of course, strengthening our sisterhood.

Since Convention, I’ve seen how busy our members have been. I’m so proud to hear about all of the things you do with your Triangle, but also outside of Triangle. Just recently, we’ve seen our Triangle members performing in their school plays, welcoming new Triangle members, getting inducted into the National Honor Society, learning new parts at our meetings, and getting accepted into their top colleges. My Triangle Sisters make me SO PROUD to represent them. Girls, you make it easy to talk up Triangle when our members are just KILLING THE GAME. I’m so excited to check in with you all throughout the year.

Our State Convention was truly…(I’m gonna say it one more time) out. of. this. world. I had a blast (haha) and it really renewed my love for our organization and what we do. You showed us skills like your memorization, dancing, writing, creativity, and overall excitement for our activities throughout the weekend. There were so many moments that stuck out to me, but two of my favorites was when we welcomed two new members into Triangle, and when our Ritual Team performed our Memorial Degree. The ladies showed their talent and their drive. You all made me so proud and I simply loved seeing you do what you do best. Thank you to all of you who made that weekend so successful. It was an awesome start to my year as State Representative.

Once Convention ended, I was SO TIRED (thank you Adriana for the Snapchat evidence). But we left for home and got a few night’s sleep and headed to Binghamton for the Order of the Eastern Star’s Grand Chapter Sessions. I really had a great time being with so many of the people who support Triangle with such force and love. Junior Advisor Adriana and I headed up to the Grand East and I got to address the room. I spoke about our shared history with Eastern Star and a bit about my own history with them. One of my favorite moments that night was when we asked all Past & Present Triangle Girls to stand. That was really cool to see. This was a visitation I will never forget. 

In late fall, I got to spend time with our DeMolay friends. I attended their Chevalier and Legion of Honor investitures in New York City and Long Island. Both events honored such impressive people and I am proud to call so many of them friends. Thank you to NY DeMolay for welcoming me and making me feel at home.

Since the holiday season puts most of our bigger events on hold, I mainly hung out with my Sunrise Triangle sisters and attended our regular meetings. This month however, Sunrise Triangle celebrated Adriana as our 2019-2021 Nassau District Junior Advisor. It was such a fun night. So many of our members and supervisors spoke about Adriana’s love for Triangle. I’m glad I could be there for one of my oldest Triangle friends. We are very lucky to have her on as a Junior Advisor!

This year, I will be representing you, and spreading the truth that Triangle is the shape of the future. When I say that Triangle is the “shape” of the future, I mean that our three duties, to God, to others, and to ourselves, are the building blocks for a brighter world. 

It is a special gift that the State Representative gets to choose a foundation to raise money for. I am so excited to be donating to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Born This Way looks forward, toward a future that supports the wellness of young people through an evidence-based approach that is fiercely kind, compassionate, accepting, and inclusive. Throughout the year, I will be selling pens and “Is there collation after this thing?” goodie bags filled with a mint, chocolate, and a cookie… just enough to get you through those long meetings!! Born This Way has and will continue to benefit people like us – this foundation takes action and I saw it in my hometown when they worked with my High School. We are all about loving one another for who we are – I’m excited to promote this foundation to everyone I meet.

Lastly, I’m excited to share the official State Representative Social Media Pages – follow/friend me!

Instagram: @ootnystaterep
Facebook: Triangle StateRep

Can’t wait for all that this year will bring for Triangle!

In Triangle Love,
Maggie Callaghan
State Representative