Winter Recap

My first ever blog!

I dont know about you, but I am definitely ready for spring to come! As much as I like to look at the snow, Im tired of it. Thankfully the snow has not stopped me from doing my job as I travel around New York State representing the Organization of Triangle’s as our State Representative.

Just weeks before Triangle Convention began the members of the 2015-2017 Junior Advisory Council were still finishing some last minute touches for the weekend. And I, being the procrastinator that I am, was still being fitted and picking up my red gown for the weekend. Once Triangle Convention wrapped up, my work was only just beginning. Just four days after we left the Villa Roma, I was up in Binghamton to represent Triangle at the Order Eastern Star of the State of New York’s Grand Sessions where I spoke about 14 year old Sybil Ludington and her heroic 40 mile horseback ride during the Revolutionary War to warn her father’s local militia the British were coming. I have been a Triangle girl since I was twelve and I still get nervous speaking in front of large crowds. Nevertheless, I made it out alive and was so proud of myself. I feel so lucky to be able to talk about such an influential woman in history. When I came up with my my theme Lead Like a Triangle GirlI already had a list of women in my mind I wanted to talk about. Finding inspirational, courageous, life-changing and accomplished women of history was the easy part, but deciding who to speak about first was tough. I chose Sybil Ludington, not knowing we once had a Triangle named after her in Brewster, NY. I believe it was fate and the perfect start to my term! But wait it gets better: State Director Mrs. Turri lives just around the corner from Sybils statue which resides along the path she took during her ride. Taking a picture next to her statue was a great ending to my first event as State Representative, dont you agree?

Next I went to Glens Falls where members of DeMolay, Triangle and Rainbow met at Winterfest Weekend to hang out and have fun. With only a small group this year we went snow tubing Saturday morning at Tubby Tubing. This was our first timing at Tubby Tubing I believe everyone enjoyed going down the various trails. Saturday night we had dinner at Golden Corral and then everyone was very eager to head to Sky Zone, an indoor trampoline park.

For my next visit I squeezed back into my red gown on March 2nd when I spoke about Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross to the members of Royal Arch, while representing the Organization of Triangles, Inc. at their Grand Convocation. Clara was a battlefield nurse during the Civil War who traveled to Switzerland and brought back the idea of the Red Cross. She presented the idea to President Chester Arthur, who loved it and the American Red Cross was born. But wait, it wasn’t that easy for her! She had originally suggested the idea of an American Red Cross to President Rutherford B. Hayes years earlier and had been rejected. Thanks Clara for your perseverance and not giving up on something so amazing!

Well that’s just the start of my travels as State Representative. Make sure to follow me on Instagram at @ootnystaterep as I travel around the state. Thanks for reading!

Abby Forman

State Representative 2017 – 2018


Powerful Women through History

“I did not learn about many powerful women in my history classes. In fact, I have heard about more strong females in history this year, then I ever did in during my school career. I think it is important to learn the names and stories of the women who have paved the way for us to be here today. Women who have done things men have also done or were not willing to do,  but do not always receive the same recognition. By telling the stories of women in the past, we are creating the future for a Finer American Womanhood. Although there are many powerful women in our lives today, we must also take the time to acknowledge the women who have came before us.

Everyone has heard of Paul Revere, but few people know of Sybil Ludington, also known as a the female Paul Revere. On April 26th 1777, Sybil rode her horse 40 miles, twice the distance Paul Revere rode, at night, to alert the militia that the British were coming. Sybil rode to Putnam County, New York to inform 400 of her father’s military men that the British were on their way to attack Danbury, Connecticut. Did I mention Sybil was only 16 years old? (She was younger then I am today, but I would be more then willing to ride 40 miles horseback just to come speak to you today, it might take awhile for me to arrive considering I’ve never rode a horse, but I would definitely try). From nine at night till dawn, Sybil rounded up troops to send to Danbury and used nothing but a stick to protect herself from night bandits. Sadly, the troops were too late to save Danbury,  but Sybil did not go unrecognized. General George Washington honored her for her heroic ride. And in 1935 a statue was placed in Carmel, New York to honor the courageous girl. Sybil’s story was not told for years because there was no evidence, but the words in her grandfather’s journal.

The reason I am taking the time to tell you about this  courageous girl is because my theme this term is Lead Like a Triangle Girl and although Sybil Ludington was not a Triangle girl, I do believe she shares the qualities that we value in Triangle. She selflessly volunteered to ride through the night to help defend her country. Our Organization even named a Triangle after her in Brewster, New York, but sadly closed in 1991. A big part of Triangle is giving back to our community through charitable arts. I believe that Sybil is an inspiration to young girls in Triangle and girls around the world. Triangle has taught me to not be afraid to speak up for what you think is right because this is OUR world, not just yours and not just mine and with the support from other Organizations, such as yours, we can create a finer american womanhood together.

During my term I will be sharing more stories of other inspirational women in history, such as Sybil Ludington. I will also be selling pens and lollipops for $2 each. All proceeds will be given to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in hopes to find a cure for MS. For those who may not know, MS is a potentially disabling disease that effects the central nervous system and disrupts the processing of information between the brain and the body. Women are twice as likely to develop MS and most commonly affects people between the ages of 15 and 60. Please help me spread awareness of this horrible disease.”

-Miss Abby Forman, State Representative 2017 – 2018, Organization of Triangles Inc., from her speech at Grand Chapter on October 14, 2017


Meet the New State Representative, Miss Samantha

14519690_10154685426404429_5584009608673992783_n“When I first joined triangle I had no intention of becoming queen, because the crown looked too heavy. I went through the floor offices and started to see why the girls wanted to go through the line; they wanted to make a difference. I knew that I couldn’t do this alone so I leaned on the older members as well as supervisors and my parents. Progressing through the line I truly learned the importance of the three duties of triangle. After my first term as queen, I knew that I wanted to become a Junior Advisor, so that I could reach a broader audience to spread the word of our organization and help others. Some of my fondest memories are working together with other triangles and other organizations to raise money for charity or to just have fun. I learned our joy is doubled when we work together. You really do get out what you put in, and I can say that all the hard work is worth it.

That is why the theme for my term is Together, because together we can achieve so much more than if we were to work alone. A triangle cannot succeed with only one person putting in the work, working together as members and supervisors is what makes us successful. We are taught at a young age, many hands make light work. As we grow we lose touch with this, we think that the weight of the world is on our shoulders and ours alone, but all we have to do is ask for help, and work together. I will be selling pens this term to raise money for Pediatric Palliative care in Hospice. Not only do they help the child but the family as well, sending in therapists for both, and helping the child through treatment or end of life care. My hope is to work together so that we can make a difference for these families at such a hard time in their lives.”

-Miss Samantha Dugan, State Representative 2016 – 2017, Organization of Triangles Inc., from her in going speech on October 8, 2016


“You’re off to great places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.” -Dr. Seuss

In just about one month Triangle girls from all over New York will be journeying to Kerhonkson for the 29th Biennial Convention for The Organization of Triangles, Inc. But, before we can talk about Convention, a lot has happened since my last post that I just have to catch you all up on.

At the end of May, I attended the council meeting with all of the newly appointed Junior Advisors who will be installed at Convention and all the current Junior Advisors. We discussed how to make this Convention as SEUSS as possible for all the Triangle girls and came up with some great ideas as usual!

A few weeks later was my Homecoming at Onistagrawa Triangle in Scotia, NY. Triangle girls from the Capital District and my home Triangle Bal-On-Sen made the day very special. The Alice in Wonderland themed Golden Afternoon was a wonderful success! Thanks to everyone who attended and helped to make my day golden!

The very next weekend was Saint John’s Day at the Masonic Care Community in Utica on June 27th. I spent the day with a member of Onistagrawa Triangle at the Triangle table. Later that afternoon, she was presented with a new American Flag for her Triangle. In the evening I had the distinct privilege of speaking on behalf of our Masonic youth that day. It was an experience that I never thought possible and really shows a lot about how far the Masonic Youth has come in the eyes of our parent organizations.

The next event was on July 25th at the Festival of stars of the Eastern Star Home’s campus. The day was full of cotton candy and 50/25/25 raffle tickets. I would say the day was a complete success since one of our very own Triangle girls one the raffle. That money will now go towards helping her pay for her school books. It is always fun when we can be around our Masonic Family.

The next weekend was New York DeMolay Convention right in my backyard on the Onondaga Community College campus. I spent all weekend with the members of DeMolay and had a lot of fun from bubble ball soccer to the Mardi Gras dance.

On August 9th was the International Triennial Grand Encampment for the Knight’s Templar. There were dignitaries from all over the world and the youth had the privilege of escorting each of them to the front of the room. Each of the youth leaders were asked to speak and I spoke about how leaders influence the youth.

A few weeks later on August 22nd, I attended the banquet for the Grand Master of Cryptic Masons in New York. It was a wonderful evening with the members of Cryptic Masonry.

Fidelity Triangle in Pittsford had an Installation of Officers on August 29th where Beloved Queen Kalli was given the crown with her new koala bear by her side. The ceremony was beautiful and Triangle girls from all over the state came out to help Fidelity.

The day before Fidelity’s installation I stopped by Cassiopeia’s Potato Bake and fundraiser. It was a wonderful time with the members of Cassiopeia.

This has been a busy year so far and it will only get busier as Convention quickly approaches. The Organization of Triangles’ Biennial Convention is from October 9-12th. Anyone is welcome for our public events on Saturday the 10th at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa in Kerhonkson, NY. From the Lorax to the Grinch, this Convention will be all about Dr. Seuss. I can’t wait to see you all there!!

In Triangle Love,

Annie Parks

State Representative


Spring into Summer

To the members and supporters of The Organization of Triangles Inc,

Spring time was full of many new leaders stepping up to help Triangles around the State! The 2015-2017 Junior Advisory council was announced, a list of members is located on our home page. Many Triangles across the state installed new officers in the months of March and April. With all this new leadership I know we will be springing into a fun filled summer. Over the spring time I was able to attend quite a few events and Represent our Organization to many adult and other young leaders.

On April 25th I attended The International Order of Rainbow for Girls (http://nyiorg.org/)  75th grand Assembly for their Installation of the New Grand Worthy Advisor Danielle. She spread her message of acceptance with her mascot Mr. Penguin and her theme “Find your heart song.” It is so nice to meet other young ladies who are part of such great Masonic youth Organizations.

A week later I attended the Dignitaries dinner at Grand Lodge (http://nymasons.org/) . I spread my message of Communication with the youth Organizations, through the importance of youth as their future leaders. I also continued to sell my pens for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

A couple of weeks later on May 16th I attended the Amaranth Grand Court (http://www.amaranthny.org/index.html) ceremonies. It was an enjoyable evening as the Grand Royal Matron and Patron retired and a new Grand Royal Matron and Patron took the throne. It is wonderful to learn about the Masonic Organizations that Triangle girls can be a part of when they are old enough.

On May 23rd I attended the rededication of the Knights Templar building at the Masonic Care Community in Utica (http://www.masonichomeny.org/). The Rainbow and Triangle were tasked with presenting the hundred year old Trowel for the ceremony. It was a privilege to be trusted with such a monumental piece of history.

For many of you Triangle girls Finals are almost over and it is slowly getting warmer. The time to relax outside in the sun or indoors on Netflix is quickly approaching. With the summer fun also comes a break from Triangle meetings for many of us. It also leaves the heart missing your Triangle sisters, which can be pretty unbearable. I encourage everyone to plan a summer sister date with one of your Triangle sisters that you may not know very well or is new in your triangle. Spread the triangle love with a splash of summer fun! Hope you have a blast!

In Triangle Love,
Annie Parks
State Representative


The Royal Surprise


To the members, supervisors, and supporters of The Organization of Triangles, 

      As winter draws to a close and spring is here, even though it may not feel that way in Syracuse, Triangle is coming out of hibernation and is about to spring into full bloom. March and April are a busy time for installations and all across the state there have been and will continue to be so many wonderful new leaders taking charge of our Organization. Although, I am over half way into my term, I have just recently attended my very first official visit. However, this has not stopped me from selling pens to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society over the past six months. I have attended many Triangle functions and exciting events since January and have continued traveling around the state visiting each Triangle.

      The first event I attended in January was the Masonic Family night at Fidelity Triangle where members from many Masonic Organizations such as Royal Arch, Amaranth, Eastern Star, and Masonry were in attendance to celebrate our family bond. Our very own Deputy State Director and the Grand Master acted as the matriarch and the patriarch of our family in the big family picture we took at the end. The evening was a wild success and showed just how much our parent organizations believe in and support us.

    The next event I attended was in Scotia at Onistagrawa Triangle where four girls were initiated. As this is one of the Triangles that are in my Capitol District, I am immensely proud of the members for doubling their membership over the past six months. Yet again our Masonic family came to celebrate this Triangle’s success.  There were over a DOZEN Royal Arch Masons in attendance to congratulate the new members on becoming Triangle girls.

    I was also able to travel to Fidelity Triangle again to fill in as their Beloved Queen for a prospect meeting. Triangle girls from Cassiopeia came to help Fidelity put on a wonderful meeting with their newly Installed Junior Deputy Mrs. Jeannine Parks who took over for Ms. Kristina Brandt. They recently held an initiation of their newest member on March 28th.

     I attended the Convocation of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Albany, New York on March 6th. The day was finally here, my first official visit and I am finally able to represent our Organization. I arrived in the afternoon and the Masons were busy at work in their meetings and gatherings which gave the State Director and I enough time to get settled in and changed.

      At 2pm there was a conferring of the “Order of Deborah” which is a ceremony the York Rite created to honor the girls’ New York Masonic youth groups. The Grand Worthy Advisor for New York Rainbow Hannah Nelson and I were under the impression that the Supreme Inspector for Rainbow and our very own State Director were being honored at this ceremony. However, this was not the case as Mr. Roche awarded Ally Callaghan Junior Past State Representative, Samantha Hansen Junior Past Grand Worthy Advisor, Hannah Nelson Grand Worthy Advisor, and myself with the honorary Order of Deborah Award. This was a great honor and something for many Triangle girls to strive for in the upcoming year.

       That evening was equally exciting when the youth were able to speak at the banquet to all the Royal Arch Masons in attendance. I spoke about how our Masonic Family is always there for each other and also spoke about the many ways that Royal Arch has come to support us over the past few months. It was exciting to see so many people interested in our Organization and so willing to know more about us. I was so grateful to be able to represent our Organization at Royal Arch.

        After I had recovered from that long weekend, on March 15th I went to Long Island to attend Sunrise’s Installation of Officers. Beloved Queen Jessica Catapano concluded a very successful year and turned the crown over to Maggie Callaghan. Maggie has been a very successful Triangle girl so far and I know she will accomplish more than she could ever have imagined in this new endeavor. Good Luck Maggie!

onistagrawainitiation IMG_2578