Leadership Weekend, Traveling Around the State

A camping we will go!

To the members of the Organization of Triangles and its supporters:

I can officially say it’s summer! This is my favorite season, with all the sun and warm weather along with the great food, because we all know how much I enjoy my southern barbecue.

In March, I attended Royal Arch. I wore red, which is my favorite color, to show support of their colors. Royal Arch was an amazing experience and we had a little share in laughs when I was called up to speak as I just finished putting a whole fork full of salad in my mouth. It was a joy to see Mr. Roche, one of Triangle’s greatest supporters, go in as Most Excellent Grand High Priest. His mission this term is to have as many Royal Arch members attend as many Masonic Youth events as possible. I believe this is amazing of him to do and I encourage you all to invite Royal Arch members to your events.

Some things I have been up to since my last post were attending Grand Assembly in April, where we said goodbye to Danielle with her beautiful heart song and welcomed in the magic with Sam Miller. I can say I was excited since Sam and I have been friends for years and I’m excited for her as she embarks on this journey and be there to help and support her in any way I can.

Then as we sprung into May I attended Grand Lodge. This one is the big one in my opinion and I was very excited! Also, it was my first car ride with Mrs. Turri and I enjoyed the company. There I spread my message about my boots and my charity, but I also spoke about how even though I lost my Dad at a young age I have gained so many through my experience in Triangle. I wanted to let the members of Grand Lodge know how much they truly mean to us. I thank them for all their continued support and showing me the love a father does.

Along with summer comes another favorite activity of mine which is camping. Speaking of camping, that is the theme for our next District convention! This is on Long Island and is on June 4th, I’m hoping I will see you all there.

Speaking of Camping, I hope you all are getting excited for Leadership Weekend that is coming up (July 8th-July 10th)! I know the Junior Advisors have been hard at work planning this event and are excited to share what they have for you! I know I will be there with plenty of bug spray and ready for some fun in the woods! Oh, and I can’t forget my boots!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe summer and enjoy the upcoming holidays of Memorial Day and 4th of July!

In Triangle love,

Alison Wright

State Representative 2015-2016

Traveling Around the State

Happy Holidays!!

To the members of the Organization of Triangles and its supporters:

I want to wish you all a Happy Holiday and hope you are as excited as I am for this wonderful Holiday season!

At my first stop with my boots, I had the pleasure of representing our wonderful organization to the members of Eastern Star at Grand Chapter. It was my first official visit as State Representative and I enjoyed my time there with all of the members. I knew many faces in the crowd which made me feel right at home!

Next, I attended Bal-On-Sen’s Installation on November 14th. Beloved Queen Halle Cerio stepped down after an amazing year in office and my sister, Mary-Margaret Wright, started her term. I was so happy I could attend this event at my home Triangle and get to see the last Wright sister enter this office. I wish all of the officers the best of luck through their terms!

Then I attended another beautiful Installation on November 22 at Onistagrawa Triangle. There we saw one of our own Jr. Advisors, Megan Williams, step down as Beloved Queen. She did an outstanding job as Beloved Queen and I look forward to what she will add to the Jr. Advisor Council. Giuliana with her Frozen theme started her term and I am very excited to see what her term has in store. I, like Olaf, also like warm hugs!  

Now I know everyone has got Christmas on the brain (myself included), but I wanted to remind you about De-Tri-Ra Winterfest 2016!! It is going to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend (Fri. Jan 15-Sun. Jan 17). This weekend is going to include sisters from Triangle and Rainbow as well as our brothers from DeMolay in fun activities. We will have ice breakers, snow tubing, board games and movies!! I hope you all plan on attending and I see you all there! Remember forms are due New Years Eve. If you don’t have one and need one contact your Jr. Deputies or download it from the Resource page of our site. 

I hope you all have a great Holiday Season and cherish the memories you make with your friends and family! I can’t wait for my boots and I to travel to our next official visit in March.  


In Triangle Love,

Alison Wright

State Representative 2015-2016

Convention 2015

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’, Watch Where We Will Go!

I am so happy to be able to speak with you as the New State Representative of the Organization of Triangles.

We all know that shoes are a girl’s best friend and I am no different, so I thought I would start with a fact about them! Did you know? Men were the first to wear heels! For centuries, heels signified a high social standing rather than gender. It was also crucial for men riding horses to have a heel on their boot in order to stay in their stirrups. Now I told you this fact about shoes because shoes are a part of my theme this year! My theme is, “These boots are made for walkin’, watch where we will go.” To go with this theme I will be traveling across the state wearing boots under all of my gowns at all of the visitations I will be attending.

As you may know, one of our angles has to deal with charity. We also all know that Triangle girls love their food and I am no exception! With this in mind, I have decided to make my charity this year, No Kid Left Hungry. This charity’s goal is to end child hunger in America. They aim to do this by gaining donations with every dollar giving a child up to 10 meals. I plan to help raise money for this charity by selling pens throughout my term.

Now I would like to take a walk in my boots, specifically my Triangle boots, and tell you a little about how I got here today! I was first introduced to this wonderful organization by great family friends, the Kriese family. They were all involved in Triangle and told us about it at church one Sunday morning. Now, at the time I was a very shy soft spoken 12-year-old who had never heard about this organization. However, my mom thought it was a good idea to get her girls involved. So one night being dressed in street dress we went to the Masonic temple in Liverpool to a prospect meeting where of course we had spaghetti and were thrown with all sorts of information about the organization and how it works! There I also got to meet Kelly Walker and Ms. Madison for the first time and thought that these people were different than others I have met before. There is a bond between them like family even though none of them are related. This is when I realized this is a place I want to be. Just like that, my sisters and I were initiated into Bal-On-Sen Triangle on a cold February night. Finally, Bal-On-Sen were able to hold meetings and were getting themselves back on the map! That night I gained more sisters than just my biological ones.

Fast forward four years and I found myself becoming Beloved Queen of Bal-On-Sen Triangle! I knew this position was like no other. After I got over the sparkle fact of the crown, I realized that Bal-On-Sen girls would be looking up to me. I am the one with the crown and gavel to choose the future of Bal-On-Sen Triangle and help in any way I can to make our Triangle be successful. We all know success comes in numbers so my goal for Beloved Queen was to gain membership! Throughout my term I initiated 13 girls into Bal-On-Sen. This is what I view is my greatest accomplishment as Beloved Queen.

Then fast forward again to 2013 and I’m again taking on a leadership position, but this time it is at the State level. I became Junior Advisor of the Onondaga-Oswego District. With this position again Triangle girls would be looking up to me for advice on how to memorize a part or the correct way to escort a person in to a room or which way we are walking in or out. Throughout my Junior Advisor term, I along with Annie Parks had to plan a District Convention. The A&A Awards went off without a hitch and even the other “A” was installed as State Representative along with myself being installed as Chairman of the Junior Advisory Council. With this title I now get to organize and preside over all of the Jr. Advisory council meetings. This was a big responsibility with the success resting in my hands. I hope that I have done this position well as I pass it on to my successor. Now I come to today. The highest position in this amazing organization is passed on to me. I hope that I will carry this out well and do the organization proud.

With gaining this position I wouldn’t be here without many people who have gotten me this far and at this time I would like to thank them. First, I would like to thank my biggest fan and support system my mom. Mom, you have always told me to be the bird that I am and spread my wings and fly! This is just another way for my wings to become bigger and take me farther in life. I would like to thank you for always being there for me, to bounce ideas off of and just vent to you about things that probably weren’t as big as they seemed to me. I appreciate everything you have done for me and will continue to do for me.

Next, I want to thank my womb-mate, partner in crime, and twin sister Krista. Krista, you have been there for me from literally the beginning and I couldn’t have asked for a better person to call my twin. Thank you in advance for being that person I can call 24/7 with anything I need whether it is someone to just listen or to give me a reality check. Mary-Margaret what can I say. You literally make me laugh even when I don’t want to and of course the person I ask for a real opinion on how my dress looks which you will tell me, “No, that’s hideous try on another.” Thanks for being that person for me.

Next I want to thank Aunt Martha. You have stepped up to help mom raise us and I can’t thank you more for it. I know that if I need anything crafty done or an idea I can come to you and we will always come up with something amazing.

Ms. Madison, I hope you are ready for some more crazy car rides! I can’t wait to travel the state with you and of course get more pictures of the princess that brighten my day just a little more. Thank you for always being a person that will listen to my crazy ideas and help me see them through!

And Danielle [NY Rainbow Grand Worthy Advisor] and Zach [NY DeMolay State Master Councilor], I hope you are ready for some crazy and fun times we are going to have this year!

I want to thank now, all of my Triangle sisters! Without you all I would be missing a part of my family. Each of you are truly a sister to me. I thank you for supporting me and being the truly awesome people that you are! Finally, I would like to thank all of our concordant bodies. Without your support Triangle wouldn’t be the organization that it is and I thank you all so much for continuing your support and showing us what it means to be a Masonic family.

I’m looking forward to the year to coming to and getting to attend as many events as I can. I can’t wait to share and treasure the memories I will make with everyone throughout my visitations. Now with that being said, let’s start these boots walkin’. Thank you.

Alison Wright

State Representative 2015-2016