Over 50,000 young women have become members of Triangle over the past eighty-eight years, and many successful professionals credit Triangle for teaching them the skills they use every day in their adult lives. They also have fond memories of their teenage years, and lifelong friends!

Many Alumni have spoken on what their membership in Triangle has meant to their lives, here are just a few examples:

“Triangle was a very important part of my life and gave me the training ground for what I have accomplished in my Eastern Star life. I would love to see this wonderful organization grow once again to afford as many young girls as possible the opportunity to learn the wonderful lessons taught.” – Lois Carlsen, Grand Secretary, Order of the Eastern Star, State of New York

“Triangle was the best time I had when I was a teenager. I loved going to Convention at Stevensville Country Club!” – Rebecca McClintock

“Triangle and its teachings have been most important to me over these years.” – Juanita May, Grand Matron of Arizona, Order of the Eastern Star, State of Arizona

“I probably would not have joined Eastern Star if I had not been a Triangle Girl. The Triangle did so much for me – I learned how to speak in front of an audience, poise, and morals beyond the words to describe them. Thank you!” – Patricia Siegel District Deputy Grand Matron of the Greene-Ulster District, NY Eastern Star

“I learned a lot about friendship and people and public speaking when I was in Triangle. I truly believe it helped to shape my life. Because of the organizational skills and public speaking, and governmental procedure and protocol I learned in Triangle, I believe it has made me a better President. I also learned some manners and skills only other girls can teach you about social etiquette and grace and modesty. I have TONS of fond memories and still have all my pictures and scrapbook from my years in Triangle.” –Michele Rathman, President, Kidney Kids of Central Florida, Inc.

“My experiences in Triangle provided leadership and public speaking skills which served me well in college and beyond. And some of the friendships I made continue to be strong to this day.” – Linda Obedzinsky

“I truly loved my years as a Triangle girl. I will always treasure the time I spent and the friendships I made then, and still maintain now.” –Penney Oschmann Werner, Nissequogue Triangle #137

“Triangle was such a huge part of my life for so many years…I just loved it! I can honestly say that it had a great impact on who I am, and what I have become. I had (and still have) so many wonderful friendships from my times in Triangle and from Masonic Youth Camp. Hopefully, someday my daughter will choose to have the same experience.” –Diane Volkmar

If you would like more information about the Organization, or would like to find a Triangle near you, please email the Web Administration Team. We will take the time to answer all your questions, and refer you to a local Triangle where you can meet the members that live near you. We are sure once you meet our great members, you’ll want to join the fun!