Past State Representatives

 Jr. Past State Representative, Abby Forman

Eight years ago I joined Triangle for probably  all the wrong reasons. I didn’t know anything about the Organization, but I did’t care either. I saw a girl with a big princess gown and crown on and I decided I wanted to be like her someday. I always said I could never be Beloved Queen. But one night before a meeting Mrs. Melchert asked me if I could fill in for Senior Lady-in-waiting and I said sure. After that meeting I wanted to be Beloved Queen someday. So I went home, wrote my letter to my Jr. Deputy and Triangle sisters and waited for our next election. Then election day comes and I forgot my letter at home the night I was suppose to bring it in so I quickly had to write something. My second letter did not do justice of how badly I wanted to be Beloved Queen. I still have my original letter on my bookshelf at home and sometimes during my term when I doubted myself or thought it was too hard, I looked back at it to remember why I wanted to become Beloved Queen. I wanted people from other organizations to know who I was. I wanted my name to be remembered for years to come. I wanted to make a difference and help others and I wanted to show the impact Triangle has on young girls. When it came to applying for State Rep., I was unsure if I could handle the responsibility of representing the whole organization. When I didn’t get the position the first time I began to doubt myself. But with the help from some of my Sunrise supervisors, members, family and of course my Beloved Queen letter, I decided to give it a go again. And now, here I am. Still a little doubtful, but I know I am not alone on this journey. I am sure I will make mistakes along the way, but that is how we learn and become a better person.

My theme this term is Lead like a Triangle Girl. And to me this means to be strong, courageous, kind hearted, smart and charitable, all qualities which every past and present Triangle girl encompass. During my travels I will be sharing the stories of influential women in history that were not Triangle girls, but definitely share those qualities of a Triangle girl. One strong woman I know is my aunt. At the age of 18 she enlisted in the air force and during her late twenties she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, not knowing she had it since she was a young girl. Her disease did not stop her from doing what she loved as she continued to travel the world, fight for our country and start a family. For those of you who do not know MS is an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information within the brain and between the brain and body. 5% of children are diagnosed with MS, but is often hard to detect. Some signs of MS are difficulty walking, memory and vision problems, difficulty swallowing and tingling or numbness in your feet.  Along with spreading awareness I will be selling pens and lollipops during my term. All proceeds will be going to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in hopes to help find a cure.

All Past State Representatives of the Organization of Triangles Inc.


Year Name Triangle
1976 Debbie Tilley Green Bonne Amies #141
1977 Helen Blatz Harriman Flatbush # 67
1978 Milana Willey Pettingell Ionic # 94
1979 Carol Clements Bergeron Cybil Ludington # 144
1980 Lori Hess Reynolds Evelyn # 125
1981 Linda Betz Distel Mid-Hudson # 92
1982 Diana Helfrich Staten Island # 57
1983 Patricia Simons Needa-Bah # 98
1984 Wanda Watson Nungesser Fidelity # 4
1985 Diane Moses Vokmat Endicott # 43
1986 Laura Runkel Ionic # 94
1987 Ellen Stagnita Li-On-Co # 50
1988 S. Lynch Saratoga # 75
1989 Lisa Montante Kelly Lockport # 128
1990 Catherine Swanson Eckert Truth # 31
1991 Tracy Boucher Starlight # 115
1992 Christine Lange Rising Star # 69
1993 Heather Sickler Johnson Bal – On – Sen # 65
1994 Amy White Waterbury Lockport # 128
1995 Tricia Butcher Wilder Sunrise # 146
1996 Melissa DuBois Seeger Fidelity # 4
1997 Heather Allen Saratoga # 75
1998 Vicki Harper Endicott # 43
1999 Hope Wheeler Astarte # 142
2000 Erika Hansen Fidelity # 4
2001 Rachel Perkins Endicott # 43
2002 Megan Pentingell Saratoga # 75
2003 Candace Madison Acabbo Fides # 24
2004 Alissa Kane Meridian # 71
2005 Lena Dombrowski Lockport # 128
2006 Nicole Walker Thomsen Fides # 24
2007 Katy Northrup Endicott # 43
2008 Kristina Little Groff Lockport # 128
2009 Kellie Walker Fides # 24
2010 Megan Cummings Odell Lockport # 128
2011 Katherine Heller Sunrise # 146
2012 Stephanie Tuttle Amethyst # 203
2013 Shannon Rudolph Lockport # 128
2014 Allyson Callaghan Sunrise # 146
2015 Annie Parks Bal – On – Sen # 65
2016 Alison Wright Bal – On – Sen # 65
2017 Samantha Dugan Lockport # 128
2018 Abby Forman Sunrise Triangle # 146

Past State Representatives

2017 Samantha Dugan

I became a member of Lockport Triangle #128 when I turned 10 years old, and have enjoyed every second of it. I have one younger brother so joining triangle gave me the sisters I’ve always wanted. Both my mother and father are supervisors of Lockport and have helped me grow in the organization. Each member both girl and supervisor of Lockport Triangle has become a part of my family and mean the world to me. I am currently attending the University at Buffalo for Biology and a minor in Psychology with the aspirations of going into research.

Becoming State Representative means so much to me, and I am so excited to travel the state and represent our beautiful organization. My charity for this term is Pediatric Palliative Care and Hospice this organization provides end of life care for children and sends councilors to the family to help at such a hard time. I will be selling pens for two dollars to raise funds for such a deserving charity.

My motto is “Together”, I hope to bring the masonic fraternities together in hopes that we can create a better world for our future generations. I hope to see you at an event, and look forward to working together soon!

In Triangle Love,

Samantha Dugan

State Representative 2016-2017


2016 Alison Wright

I have been a Triangle member since I was 12 years old. To me, Triangle is all about being one big family. Speaking of family, I am a twin to Krista Wright and a big sister to Mary-Margaret Wright, whom are both members of Triangle. I am also daughter to Karol Wright whom happens to be the Jr. Deputy of Bal-On-Sen Triangle #65, which is my home Triangle. I am currently attending college at Johnson and Wales University in Providence RI. I am a junior there and studying Sports/Entertainment/ Event Management in hopes of becoming an event coordinator in the future.

As for being State Representative for this beautiful organization, it is an exciting time! The charity I have chosen for this year is No Kid Left Hungry. It is an amazing charity that feeds hungry kind right here in America. The say that every dollar donated will give 10 meals to a hungry child, and since I myself can’t imagine being hungry, as well as many Triangle girls I know, I feel as though this charity is fitting. Throughout my year I will be selling pens ($2) to help fund this charity, so if you see me in my travels don’t forget to buy one!

I will travel as much as my boots will let me and look forward to seeing each and everyone of your awesome faces at the events I am able to attend. I hope to represent this organization proud!

In Triangle Love,

Alison Wright

State Representative 2015-16

2015 Annie Parks

To the members, Supervisors, and supporters of The Organization of Triangles, Inc.,
convention 2015 (367)
 I would like to thank you for the love and support you have shown, not only to me, but to our entire Organization over the past year. I am so grateful to all of you who have made this year so fun and exciting and I am truly humbled by the wonderful opportunity to be your State Representative for 2014-2015.

Over the past year my goal has been to increase the communication between our youth Organization and the rest of our Masonic family. My motto, “Communication for a better O
rganization,” helped me develop stronger relationships throughout the state and truly strive to be closer to our Masonic family. The charity I chose to raise money for during my term was the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This well-deserving charity funds research to cure leukemia, myeloma, Hodgkin’s disease, and lymphoma. They strive to improve the lives of those living with these blood cancers and their families. Thanks to the tremendous amount of support I received during this year, I was able to raise $2,500 for this wonderful cause. Thank you so much to everyone who donated to this well deserving charity.

I am so elated to have been given the honor of representing our beautiful Organization around the state over the past year. I have seen the support for our Organization grow because of the increased communication over the past year and my only wish is for this to continue into the future. I know that with the support of our Masonic family our Organization will grow and continue to be an important influence on the young ladies into the future. I am so proud to be able to belong to such an inspiring Organization and my journey over the past year is something I will never forget. Thank you so much for your support and dedication to this Organization this year and always.

In Triangle Love,
Annie Parks
State Representative 2014-2015