Honors and Awards

State Director’s Award

The State Director’s Award for outstanding commitment and dedication to the Organization of Triangles, Incorporated is presented once a year to an active Triangle member who has been nominated by her Jr. Deputy. She does not need to be a State Representative, Junior Advisor, or even a Past Beloved Queen, but should demonstrate a willingness to help and support her fellow Triangle sisters and assist the organization in any way she can.

1995: Tricia Butcher Wilder, Sunrise Triangle #146

1996: Adaire Holtz

1997: Erika Hansen, Fidelity Triangle #4

1998: Barbara Muller Flores, White Star Triangle #113

1999: Diane Brzozowski

2000: Kristina Melchert Turri, Sunrise Triangle #146

2001: Jeanne Dombrowski Steffen, Lockport Triangle #128

2002: Nicole Walker Thomsen, Fides Triangle #24

2003: Morgan Jensen, Bal-On-Sen Triangle #65

2007: Kristina Brandt, Sunrise Triangle #146

2008: Breanna Kriese, Bal-On-Sen Triangle #65

2009: Michelle Whipkey, Cassiopeia Triangle #202

2011: Jorjana Otero

2012: Halle Cerio, Bal-On-Sen Triangle #65

2013: Samantha Dugan, Lockport Triangle #128

2014: Ashlee DeVoe Cira, Fides Triangle #24

2015: Allyson Callaghan, Sunrise Triangle #146

2016: Abby Forman, Sunrise Triangle #146

2017: Mary Margaret Wright, Bal-On-Sen Triangle #65

2019: Hannah Scheffer, Fidelity Triangle #4

2021: Jessica Pietrera, Sunrise Triangle #146

2022: To Be Announced at Convention 2023

2023: To Be Announced at Convention 2023

The Order of Deborah Award

The Order of Deborah is an award presented annually by the New York York Rite Masons to a member of the Organization of Triangles, Incorporated. To be considered for this award the candidate must clearly demonstrate that she lives by the virtues taught by her organization. She should be an example and mentor in her Triangle and in her community.

2014 (Honorary): Allyson Callaghan, Sunrise Triangle #146

2014 (Honorary): Antoinette Parks Urban, Bal-On-Sen Triangle #65

2014 (Honorary): Shannon Rudolph Kraft, Lockport Triangle #128

2015: Samantha Dugan, Lockport Triangle #128

2016: Megan Williams, Onistagrawa Triangle #215

2017: Megan Henderson, Cassiopeia Triangle #202

2018: Brittany Uzzi, Truth Triangle #31

2019: Sara Pietrera, Sunrise Triangle #146

2021: Brittany Rapan, Cassiopeia Triangle #202

2022: To Be Announced at Convention 2023

2023: To Be Announced at Convention 2023

Socium Award

In 2019 Past Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery Knight Templar Stenrick Adams and his wife presented a ceremonial sword to the Organization of Triangles, Incorporated. The Triangle that initiates the most new members between June 1st and May 31st of each year will earn this honor and the right to bring the sword home to their respective lodge. The award was given the name, the ‘Socium Award’ and the victorious Triangle deemed as being inducted into the ‘Socia Court’. In Latin the word ‘socium’ means united or joining together, and it was thought that this perfectly describes the special relationship between Grand Commandery Knights Templar and the Organization of Triangles, Inc..

Members of the Socium Court:

2019: Truth Triangle #31 & Lockport Triangle #128

2020: Cassiopeia Triangle #202

2021: Cassiopeia Triangle #202

2022: Cassiopeia Triangle #202

2023: To be Announced at Convention 2023

Adora Fortunato Award

Mrs. Adora Fortunato served as Jr. Deputy for Meridian Triangle #71 on Long Island for a great many years, providing guidance and many great memories for generations of Triangle girls. Upon her passing, the Organization of Triangles created a special award in her honor with the first award presented in 2014. Each year, a Triangle girl is selected who has shown outstanding dedication and service to Triangle.

2014: Jasmine Sharpe, Meridian Triangle #71

2015: Gabrielle Stephan, Sunrise Triangle #146

2016: Allyson Irwin, Lockport Triangle #128

My Hero Award

The My Hero Award was started several years ago to honor a member of the Masonic fraternity who demonstrated support or assistance to our organization and its members that goes above and beyond what is expected or required.

2015: Raymond Roche
Past Grand High Priest, New York Royal Arch Masons

2017: William Thomas & Jeffrey Williamson
Past Grand Masters of New York Masons

2019: Robert Mantia
Supervisor of Bal-On-Sen Triangle #65

2021: Brian Singer
Past Grand High Priest, New York Royal Arch Masons

2023: To Be Announced at Convention 2023