Who We Are

The Organization of Triangles, Inc. is a youth sorority located in the State of New York, for girls aged 10 through 21 years. Triangle is only active in New York State and does not have affiliations in any other state or country. For over eighty-nine years, the Organization of Triangles, Inc., has been helping to prepare girls to build “A Finer American Womanhood”. Triangle provides a safe and wholesome environment to learn, grow, and accomplish with adult guidance. Triangle tries to develop in each of its members a devotion to high ideals, a better understanding of duty to Home, God, and Country, and stresses the importance of education in the development of intellect and character. They also make life-long friends, and have fun!

This organization, recognizing the triangle as a symbol of perfection, use its points not to shroud them in mystery, but rather to illuminate the threefold duties of man–to love our Creator, love for our fellow men, and recognition of personal worth. Therefore, we try to inculcate in the hearts of our members that our interpretation of the symbols or meaning of our Triangle can be used for the attainment of a better life.

The three lessons (or angles of the Triangle) our organization teaches its members are the following: (go to Triangle Lessons to learn more)

First Lesson: Duty to God (having faith in God or other Supreme Being)
Second Lesson: Duty to Others (charity to others and community involvement)
Third Lesson: Duty to Ourselves (caring for mind, body, and purpose)

During a girl’s membership, she learns about these three lessons of faith, charity, and self-respect to establish the basis for a well-balanced life now, and in the future. Thus a perfect triangle is formed.

Members are encouraged to believe in a supreme being and we ask all to be respectful of the beliefs of others. Triangle is not a religious organization but we feel it is vital that young women explore their own faith.

Triangle is a self-governing group. Most chapters or Triangles have two monthly meetings where members plan upcoming projects, fun activities, and make decisions about matters pertaining to the Triangle. This may include planning fundraisers and social events, or preparing for a service project. Since each Triangle is self-supporting, it is necessary to have various money making projects. In each Triangle, the members, not the adults, elect their own officers including secretaries, a flag bearer, marshals, and a treasurer. Meetings are conducted by the presiding officer called the Beloved Queen who is elected by her peers for a six month term. She presides in all ceremonies, plans the activities and organizes the service project with the help of the Triangle officers. All major decisions of a Triangle are made by the members. In addition, members learn to memorize ceremonial presentations and are encouraged to speak in front of their peers.

What do Triangle girls do? Whatever you, and the members of your Triangle want to do. We do many service projects and charity work such as visiting nursing homes, donating to various charities, and volunteering our time at soup kitchens. We also have many fun activities like bowling, camping, sleepovers, dances, dinners, water parks, theme parks, trips, ice-skating, and it goes on & on & on!

Adult volunteers called “supervisors” are present at every Triangle event and serve in a variety of advisory roles. Supervisors are there to help when needed but stay in the background as much as possible. The members make the decisions and plan the activities with adult guidance. Parents of active members are encouraged to attend all meetings and programs as well as serve as supervisors of the Triangle.

When our members turn 21 years of age, they have reached the majority age and are no longer considered active members within the organization. That being said, we have a saying, “Once a Triangle girl, always a Triangle girl.” Whether they continue to be involved in the Organization of Triangles, Inc. or not, they carry with them the three lessons they have been taught in addition to skills in public speaking, leadership, poise, event planning, fundraising, socializing, running a meeting using Roberts Rules of Order, and more.

If she is a Triangle girl, she is caring, she is confident, she is capable.