Get Involved

Here are the different ways you can be a part of the Organization of Triangles:

Girls under 10 years of age: While members must be at least 10 years of age to join, any young lady who is interested in learning more about our organization and our members are welcome to join us at our installation of officers, social events, and fundraisers. Triangles around the state also tend to hold Friendship Nights during select meetings dedicated to prospective members and their families. Our members welcome the chance to meet new people and show the young ladies first hand what being a Triangle girl is all about.

Girls ages 10-21: Any young lady who is 10-21 years of age is welcome to join the Organization of Triangles, Inc. Discover which Triangle is closest to you and contact the Jr. Deputy assigned to that Triangle. If there isn’t a Triangle near you and you are interested in membership, contact the webmaster. A petition for membership can be found on our How to Join page.

Triangle girls over 21: Once a Triangle girl reaches the age of 21, she is considered a Majority Member and is no longer an active member of the Triangle. However, she is a part of the Triangle Alumni Association and is still encouraged to participate as an adult volunteer to help pass on her leadership skills to the next generation of Triangle girls.

Parents: One of the big lessons Triangle teaches is the importance of family, both your Triangle family and your biological one. Parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are all welcome to volunteer their time to help the girls out however they can. It can be something small like offering to drive the girls to an event or meeting, something more involved like offering to cook during a dinner fundraiser or coming up with crafts as an after-meeting activity, or the best way for a family member to get involved, becoming a Supervisor or Honorary Parent.

Members of Lodge, Eastern Star, and Amaranth: As each Triangle needs members, they equally need adults to support, encourage, and guide them. Anyone who is affiliated with any of the three Masonic organizations listed above is welcome at meetings and may volunteer their time to be a Supervisor or Masonic Supervisor. Often our members receive compliments from the adult organizations on how impressed they are with the work our girls do. We invite any member of Lodge, Eastern Star, and Amaranth to come and witness Triangle first-hand. If you cannot volunteer your time, donations towards the Triangle’s projects and fundraisers are also welcome. Contact the webmaster for more details if you wish to make a donation.