Triangle Lessons

The Organization of Triangles, Inc. is centered around three basic lessons, or angles, that teach its members how to live a well-balanced life and promote “A Finer American Womanhood” in today’s society.

1st Lesson: Duty to God (or other Higher Being)

While Triangle is not considered a religious organization, members are encouraged to believe in a supreme being and we ask all to be respectful of the beliefs of others. We feel it is vital that young women explore their own faith. Triangle girls around New York State have come from many religious backgrounds and all are welcome.

The office of Chaplain is the first office in what is called “The Line” and begins a member’s path to becoming Beloved Queen, or the leader of that Triangle.  The Chaplain leads the members in an opening and closing prayer thus teaching a duty to God that encourages members to look for guidance and protection in times of uncertainty or times of need. It helps us to give thanks for what we have, and the people around us, and to vow to live as upstanding citizens of our country.

2nd Lesson: Duty to Others

Triangle is, at its heart, a charitable and community-service driven youth group. Triangle teaches the virtues of respecting and loving mankind. Each term, the Beloved Queen and members of each Triangle conduct fundraisers and decide as a group which charity the money will be donated to.

Some fundraisers have become Triangle traditions like pancake breakfasts, dinners with raffles, dances, and car washes. The members also volunteer their time to assist the members of the adult Masonic organizations like Masonry, the Order of the Eastern Star, and the Order of Amaranth during their dinners and events. Triangles across New York State have also partnered with their local churches, schools, and restaurants to raise funds for different causes, especially those centered on helping children.

Some charities which have been supported by Triangle include the Shrine Children’s Hospitals, St. Jude’s Fund for Children, Save the Children, Amnesty International, the Seeing-Eye Dog Fund for the Blind, as well as various nursing homes, including St. Alban’s Veterans’ Home, and the Franklin Nursing Home for the Elderly. All in all, the Organization has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable causes over the last ninety years.

The duty we owe to others also includes respecting others. The position of Senior Lady-in-Waiting, another office in “The Line” to becoming Beloved Queen, is responsible for seeing that the second lesson is upheld by welcoming and introducing guests who come to regular meetings and special events. Each member is brought up to be respectful of others no matter how different they may be. This lesson teaches that as each action and thought has an impact on others, this impact should be made a positive one. How our members act towards other people not only reflects upon themselves, but represents the organization as well.

The Organization of Triangles, Inc. also uses visual symbols to emphasize each lesson. The second lesson is represented by the gavel, a symbol of authority. At each meeting, it is given to the Beloved Queen by the Senior Lady and then returned to her once the meeting has concluded. The item and the action combined remind our members that no matter how high you may climb, you have an obligation to help your fellow men and should be ever mindful of the people who helped you attain that position.

3rd Lesson: Duty to Ourselves

The last of the three angles of the Triangle is the duty we owe to ourselves. While our members are taught to have faith in God and be charitable towards others, it is equally important to take time for yourself. This organization is one filled with fun activities that are planned by the girls with the help of the Supervisors, Masonic Supervisors, and parents.

Each Triangle plans their own activities such as outings to the zoo, movies, beach, bowling alley, or other entertainment venue. They also support one another’s interests such as school sporting events, plays, recitals, competitions, and more. Education is important in establishing a well-balanced life, and should not be neglected. The goal is to create opportunities to build healthy bodies and minds, remembering to take time for yourself. There should be a healthy balance of work and play. If you do not take care of yourself, you cannot carry out the first two lessons of the Triangle. All three are important.

Once a year there is a state-wide event members from Buffalo to Albany to Long Island can attend. Convention and Leadership Weekend are two events that rotate every year and allow the members to form new friendships and participate in fun contests, scavenger hunts, and special meetings.

The third lesson of the Triangle is overseen by the Junior Lady-in-Waiting, another office in “The Line” towards becoming Beloved Queen. One of her responsibilities is to announce each meeting’s agenda including fun activities and provide a source of entertainment once the meeting has closed. This is usually in the form of snacks and crafts and is coordinated under the instruction of the Beloved Queen.

The Organization of Triangles, Inc. uses visual symbols to emphasize each lesson. The third lesson is represented by the crown. It represents leadership and is worn by the Beloved Queen during meetings and visitations. The State Representative for the organization always wears a crown to signify her position and remind her members of the duty we owe to ourselves.