How to Join

Joining the Organization of Triangles, Inc. is easy. Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Meet the requirements. Triangle is open to any young lady

  • between the ages of 10 and 21, regardless of race, creed, color, religion or national origin;
  • who believes in a Supreme Being of their choosing – Triangle is open to all faiths and religions;

Step 2: Find a Triangle near you. Contact their Junior Deputy (adult in charge). The Junior Deputy will invite you to a Triangle event to meet the girls and find out more! If there isn’t a Triangle nearby and you are interested in starting a new Triangle, please contact the Web Administration Team.

Step 3: Fill out and sign a petition. Each prospective member must fill out a Petition for Membership with the help of her parents and return it to the Junior Deputy.

Step 4: A small group of Triangle girls and a Supervisor will come to your home at an agreed time. The informal get-together will give you and your family an opportunity to learn more about joining Triangle. Our goal is that everyone is on the same page and is fully aware of what our organization does, stands for, and promotes before a member joins.

Step 5: Finally, you will participate in an Initiation Ceremony. This ceremony officially welcomes you into the organization and teaches you our values and ideals. The ceremony is serious and educational and is the same ceremony conferred upon members in 1926. It is designed around the three duties of the Triangle; to God (or Supreme Being), to others, and to oneself. It is a great experience and as always, parents and/or legal guardians are more than welcome to join us.

**There is absolutely no hazing or pledging prior to joining or during one’s Triangle membership.

Meeting Attire:

For special ceremonies such as an initiation or installation of officers, all members wear white gowns with only the Past Beloved Queens wearing colored gowns. Some Triangles wear gowns for every meeting while other Triangles simply wear skirts and dresses for regular meetings. As our members age and grow, Triangles often hang on to the outgrown gowns so they may be passed on to newer members. If a prospect wishes to join, but the family cannot afford a brand new gown, the Triangle will often help her find one. No member will be turned away because she cannot afford the proper attire. Most of the gowns in use today have been passed on from one member to the next. It’s like sharing clothing with a sister.