Once a young lady joins the Organization of Triangles, Inc., she is already on the path to becoming a strong leader. What kind of leader she will make and how far she takes her leadership is up to her, but with the Triangle’s resources at hand, guidance from the adult volunteers, and encouragement from her peers, the possibilities are endless.

In our organization, there are three levels of leadership, both for the members and adults.

Local Triangle

Girls can hold many different offices in the local Triangle. We have 14 offices that are elected by the other girls in the Triangle. The other offices are appointed by the Beloved Queen.

Each Triangle, or chapter, elects a member to be their Beloved Queen for the ensuing term. She leads her members in all activities including meetings, social events, and fundraisers. She also represents her Triangle during visitations and is an example to others. In order to be Beloved Queen, members go through four offices before attaining this status. First, a member is elected Chaplain by her peers. She then moves on to Guardian, Junior Lady-in-Waiting, and Senior Lady-in-Waiting. This process allows each Beloved Queen to learn more about the three angles of the Triangle before assuming her duties. After her term of office is complete, she may choose to apply for a position representing her district as the district’s Junior Advisor or to even have the chance to represent the entire organization as the State Representative of the Organization of Triangles, Inc..

The position of Beloved Queen is the highest office a member can be elected to within her own Triangle. During her term of office, she is the leader of the Triangle and has the opportunity to leave her mark on the organization.

Each Beloved Queen wears a white gown of her choosing and is given a sash with the name of the Triangle she represents along with the Beloved Queen’s jewel, a necklace symbolic of her position. She also wears a crown and holds a gavel at formal meetings, as she is the leader of the local chapter.

But it’s not just about what the Beloved Queen wears; it’s about what she does. Our leaders are encouraged to fulfill the duties of their office to the best of their ability, uphold the three angles of the Triangle, and promote harmony and friendship amongst the members. Some of these duties include:

  • Plan out her term of office including special meetings, prospect nights, initiation of new members, and social activities.
  • Hold a charitable project and offer suggestions as to which charity that term’s funds will go to.
  • Preside over each meeting and call for a vote of the Triangle when necessary.
  • Appoint members to non-elected positions who did not get an elected office.
  • Greet guests who attend meetings and acknowledge them accordingly.
  • And most importantly, have FUN!

Beloved Queens are often told, you get out of Triangle what you put into it; the more you do, the more you get back. Dinners, dances, fundraisers, movie nights, sleepovers, ice skating nights, community service activities, patriotic tributes, and more have been coordinated by Beloved Queens in our organization with the help of the Junior Deputy and the members.

Once a Beloved Queen’s term is finished, she is given a Past Beloved Queen’s jewel to wear and may now wear colored gowns to meetings and other formal Triangle functions to represent her experience and knowledge.

For each Triangle there is also an adult who oversees the work of the Triangle and sees to its members’ welfare. This person is called the Jr. Deputy and is appointed by the State Director. She is not only responsible for the members, but the adult volunteers, or Supervisors, as well.


Once a member has completed a full term as Beloved Queen, she is eligible to run for office as the Jr. Advisor of her district. Once elected, all the Jr. Advisors of the organization are installed at the biennial State Convention and will serve a term of two years. During this time she will plan a District Convention, uniting the Triangles in her jurisdiction for a special meeting and ceremony, and relay information from the state to her Triangles to keep them informed of events and functions within the state. The Jr. Advisory Council meets several times during the year to discuss business and share each district’s progress.

Then there is the Sr. Advisory Council, made up of adult volunteers, who coach the Jr. Advisors and work to help both their assigned districts and the state. A Sr. Advisor works to establish new Triangles in his or her district and to promote the overall organization as best they can.

Junior Advisor Application 2017 due February 28, 2017


If a Triangle girl has completed one full term as Beloved Queen and at least one year of her term as a Jr. Advisor, she may run to be the State Representative of the Organization of Triangles, Inc. She is installed for a term of one year and speaks on behalf of the organization at public events held by the various adult Masonic groups and the other two Masonic youth groups in New York State. She also attend council meetings and travels around the state to visit the local Triangles.

The adult in charge of our organization is called the State Director. She is responsible for advising the Jr. Deputies of each Triangle, installing members of the Jr. and Sr. Advisory Councils, presiding at State Conventions, approving petitions for new Triangles, and reviewing By-Laws for the organization. Each State Director is chosen to serve for a term of six years, after which the new State Director will be installed. The Sr. Advisory Council also consists of the Deputy State Director, State Secretary, and State Treasurer.

State Representative Application 2017 due January 30, 2017