Rose E. Scherer Scholarship

The Organization of Triangles, Inc. takes great pride in its Scholarship Fund, which grants money to girls pursuing higher education. This fund is self-sustained by the girls, and is also supported by the adult fraternal organizations, such as the Masons, the Order of the Eastern Star, and the Order of Amaranth. If you would like to contribute to the Rose E. Scherer Scholarship Fund, please email the Webmaster for more information.

Recipients of the Rose E. Scherer Scholarship:

2021: Alisa Barker (Sunrise #146), Kaitlin Piston (Bal-On-Sen #65)

2020: Alexa Zuniga (Sunrise #146)

2019: Adriana Ramirez (Sunrise #146), Natalie Rosich (Star #205)

2018: Brittany Rapan (Cassiopeia #202), Megan Williams (Onistagrawa #215)

2017: Maggie Callaghan (Sunrise #146), Jessica Pietrera (Sunrise #146), Sara Pietrera (Sunrise #146)

2022 Rose E. Scherer Scholarship Application

Applications for the 2022 Rose E. Scherer Scholarship have now closed. Stay tuned for the 2023 application later this year!

Are you a Triangle member who is a college student or high school senior planning on pursuing higher education? Apply for the Organization of Triangles, Incorporated’s Rose E. Scherer Scholarship Award! Ask your Junior Deputy or Senior Advisor for more information!